Apaloderma Safaris is one of the best tour operators in Iringa that offers a bespoke matchless Safari in Tanzania. Whether you travel to Tanzania for wildlife, Mount climbing, honeymoon, culture, or any other safari; we are experienced enough to offer you the best travel services beyond the ordinary. Our company is composed of knowledgeable tour guides who were born and raised in Tanzania; all our guides are certified, and they have exceptional abilities beyond the normal standards of tour guides. Our itineraries cover all the known tourist attractions in Tanzania and we are always more than willing to customize an itinerary according to our client’s needs. We have the latest fleet of safari cars to ensure that our clients move comfortably as they start their safaris to the end. The company is flexible- we have enough resources to cater to a reasonable size of clients however even when you decide to travel solo, we still pamper you with the best tourism services.

Part of our mission is to ensure that we improve the lives of the people in Tanzania and this is done through various corporate social responsibilities initiatives. Some of our running initiatives include providing scholastic materials to selected primary schools in Tanzania.

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